Monday, March 31, 2014

The Gourd Toad

The Gourd Toad

A unique gourd to say the least. The warts grow with the gourd, sometimes few and far between, sometimes overwhelming! Their shapes can be long and tapered, average like the picture, or short and squatty, large and small. Sometimes they're hybrids of other gourds, or a particular type.

Whatever they are and look like, if they can be made into a toad, they will be!

All my gourd toads are handmade. One-of-a-kind, numbered and cataloged, and made to look like a specific species of toad. With every gourd being unique, so will every frog they turn into. They are all made with a single gourd (unless otherwise noted) and other features are sculpted onto it with air drying or epoxy based clays.


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Progress pictures:
 Smaller and less detailed toads are sculpted with Paperclay.

 More realistic toads use epoxy based clays.

Sculpted and painted solid white to prep for color. The warts are all blobs of paint.

 Fully sculpted warts and glass eyes. He's ready for painting.