Miniature Gourd Toads 77 to 86

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 All of these are "miniature" gourd frogs. Less detailed but a fraction of the size, miniatures are around 3 inches long and made with a single "spinner" gourd.

Gourd Toad #77
"Loretta" the Loreto white-lipped frog
Gourd Toad #78
"Vivian" the Peruvian Stubfoot Toad

Gourd Toad #79
"Bate" the Ecuador Poison Frog

Gourd Toad #80
"Vaughn" the Van Dijk River Frog

Gourd Toad #81
"Pixie" the Giant African Bullfrog (aka Pixie frog)

Gourd Toad #82
"Renee" the Striped Stream Frog

Gourd Toad #83
"Sandy" the Banded Sand Frog

Gourd Toad #84
"Betsy" the Bestileo Reed Frog

Gourd Toad #85
"Bernie" the Red-spotted Tree Frog

Gourd Toad #86
 "Lucius" the Green Cascade Frog

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