Gourd Toad 98 - 107

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Want a gourd sculpted frog/toad that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want a specific color, species, size, or something totally new, I can make it.

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 All of these are "miniature" gourd frogs. Less detailed but a fraction of the size, miniatures are around 3 inches long and made with a single "spinner" gourd.

Gourd Toad # 100
"Mr. Dancer"
This toad is a shelf-sitting gourd sculpture, sculpted and painted to resemble the "dancing toad" painting in the inset of the image (a painting of my own creation.) Made on commission, this special toad is made of 2 gourds. It sits on a cedar log and is hyper-realistic in detail.

Miniatures continued...

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