Gourd Toads 1 to 10

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Want a gourd sculpted frog/toad that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want a specific color, species, size, or something totally new, I can make it.

 Email me at NobleD9C@aol.com and tell me what you'd like!

Gourd Toad # 1: 
"Fugly" Generic black-throat toad
The very first Gourd Toad was dubbed "Fugly". It was an experiment, thus given to family, but it started a sculpting trend I couldn't stop! Made early 2011. 

Gourd Toad #2: 
"Wide Eyes" the Western Toad

 Gourd Toad 3:
"Little Dude" the Southern Toad

Gourd Toad #4:
"Heman" the Boreal Toad

Gourd Toad #5:
"Squatty" the Sonoran Green Toad

Gourd Toad #6:
"Rocky" the Gulf Coast Toad

 Gourd Frog #7:
"Mini Red" the Spring Peeper

 Gourd Toad #8:
"Leopard" the California Toad

Gourd Toad #9:
"Pastey" the Southwestern Desert Toad

Gourd Frog #10:
"Prince" the Illinois Chorus Frog


  1. I love your sculptures they are beautiful. I once tried to do one but could not. I too am on Etsy. I love to create interesting art. Wish you were next door and I could watch you work (LOL). Beautiful.