Gourd Toads 29 to 33

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Want a gourd sculpted frog/toad that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want a specific color, species, size, or something totally new, I can make it.

 Email me at NobleD9C@aol.com and tell me what you'd like!


Gourd Frog #29:
"Boop" the Forasini's Spiny Reed Frog
aka: The Bird dropping frog

 Gourd Frog #30:
"Mary" the Riomamba Marsupial Frog (female)

Gourd Toad #31:
"Monty" the Montane Litter Frog

(miniature) Gourd Frog #32:
"Red Socks" the Red-eyed Leaf frog

*custom order*
Gourd Toad #33:
"CJ" the pet American Toad
 And yes, the front left leg is missing a foot because CJ was born that way.

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