Gourd Toads 70 to 76

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Want a gourd sculpted frog/toad that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want a specific color, species, size, or something totally new, I can make it.

 Email me at NobleD9C@aol.com and tell me what you'd like!


***Extra Detail***
Gourd Toad #70:
"Norm" the Canadian Toad
photos (C) Cara Bevan

(miniature) Gourd Frog #71:
"Leopold" the Northern Leopard Frog

 Gourd Toad #72:
"Ginny" the pet American Red Toad

Gourd Toad #73:
"He-man III" the Boreal Toad

***Hyper Realistic Gourd Toad***
This toad is the first of a new style that incorporates more realistic features and proportions than previously made gourd toads. The new features include accurately sculpted feet, tougher grade clay so it's more durable, individually applied warts, and hand-painted acrylic eyes. 

Gourd Toad #74:
"Pacman" the Red Pacman Toad

Photos (C) Cara Bevan

Gourd Toad #75:
"Bee" The Corroboree Toadlet

Gourd Toad #76:
"Korra" the Rivulet/Corrugated Frog

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